ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

It is a series of standards published by the International Standards Organization, which describes the establishment of a system that ensures the determination of environmental factors at every stage of the process from the raw material to the presentation of the product to the customers and minimizing the damage to the environment by controlling these factors with the necessary examinations and precautions.

ISO 14000 Series StandardsISO 14001 Environmental Management System - Specifications and User ManualISO 14004 Environmental Management - Environmental Management Systems - General Guidelines for Principles, Systems and Supporting TechniquesISO 14020 Environmental Labels and Statements - General PrinciplesISO 14031 Environmental Management - Environmental Performance Assessment-GuideISO 14040 Environmental Management – Lifetime Assessment General Principles and PracticesTS EN ISO 19011:2011 Inspection Guide for Quality and Environmental Management Systems


1. Scope

2. Referenced standards and/or documents

3. Terms and definitions

4. terms of environmental management system

4.1 General conditions

4.2 environmental policy

4.3 Planning

4.4 Practice and activities

4.5 Checking

4.6 Management review


An organization that wishes to obtain a certificate according to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard first signs a contract with the certification body authorized to issue this certificate.

It establishes the quality system in the organization in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.

After the necessary preparations are completed, an audit is requested from the certification body.

As a result of the inspection carried out by expert auditors, companies that are registered to meet the minimum requirements of the ISO 14001 standard are certified.

ISO 14001 Certificate is valid for 3 years. During this period, it is ensured that the organization carries out its activities in accordance with the standard conditions by conducting an interim audit every year, and at the end of 3 years, a certificate renewal examination is carried out.

BENEFITS OF ISO 14001:2004

Compliance with national and/or international legislation, Increasing environmental performance, Providing advantage in international competition, Increasing the company's reputation and market share, Reducing costs and increasing efficiency by improving cost control, Being prepared for emergencies (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) and accidents and taking responsibility resulting accident etc. reducing incidents, controlling and reducing pollution starting from the source, saving input materials and energy.