What is Organic Agriculture?

Mankind has realized the damage it has caused to the living and non-living environment, including its own living space, with the agricultural activities it has carried out to date. . Although some of these approaches remain only as concepts, some other approaches have started to take a prominent place in our lives.

Some agricultural concepts introduced in different parts of the world are given below; Alternative AgricultureBiological AgricultureBiodynamic AgricultureNatural AgricultureLow Input AgricultureEcological AgricultureIntegrated Agriculture SystemGood Agricultural PracticesOrganic Agriculture

Organic-Ecological-Biological Agriculture has become more important on problems such as the situation of natural resources, the importance of which has been understood more in recent years, energy problem, population growth, migration, urbanization problems, problems in agricultural areas, the problem of healthy and sufficient food production, environmental pollution and deterioration of the natural balance. has arrived.

Although organic agriculture is defined with various expressions in different sources, Organic-Biological-Ecological Agriculture means the same. Different definitions of organic agriculture are given below; Organic agriculture (Ecological agriculture or Biological agriculture); agricultural pesticides, artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and harmful food additives. Organic agriculture (Ecological agriculture or Biological agriculture); protection of ecological balance, production of all kinds of plant, animal and aquatic products. Production or supply of the inputs to be used in accordance with the organic farming method, collecting products from forests and natural areas in accordance with the principles of organic farming, processing, packaging, labeling, storage, transportation, marketing, control, certification and inspection of these products, which do not harm the environment and human health. Organic agriculture (Ecological agriculture or Biological agriculture) is an agricultural production system that aims at economic and social sustainability, is based on soil fertility, environmental protection and food safety. In the light of all these expressions, Organic-Ecological-Biological Agriculture is a certified and registered production based on sustainable productivity without using artificial external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, based on soil fertility and food safety, from production to consumption, without harming the environment and human health. is the mode of production.