How is Organic Farming Planned and Executed?

In order for the organic agricultural activity to be carried out successfully, first of all, a business analysis should be done.

1-Ecological Analysis

– Climate

- Soil

- Irrigation water

– Environmental pollution risks

– Natural flora and fauna

– Topography

– Erosion risks

– Special local situations

2-Technical Analysis

– Product pattern

– Animal presence

– Products to be rotated

– Common diseases and pests

– Common methods of struggle

– Agrochemical and fertilizer dealers in the region

– Traditional farming techniques

– Labor status

– Infrastructure

3-Economic Analysis

– Market situation

– Production cost

– Other expenses

4-Social-cultural analysis

– Share of local economy and agricultural production

– The place and share of agricultural production in the family economy

– Traditions, customs and religious-moral values

Social relations at family, relatives, neighborhood and village level

– Adaptation to change, difference and innovation