What is the Purpose of Organic Agriculture?

Organic agriculture should not be seen only as a food production method. At the same time, it should be seen as one of the elements of organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture and development, eco-tourism, protection of biological diversity, reducing the effects of factors causing erosion, desertification and climate change. It can be expressed as below.

To provide quality and reliable products to the consumer,

To protect human, animal and plant health,

To ensure the protection of biodiversity and genetic resources,

To protect natural habitats and ecosystems,

To protect and improve the physical, chemical and biological structure of the soil,

Developing new agricultural techniques that will not have a negative impact on the environment,

To ensure the sustainable use of natural resources,

To develop employment in agricultural production and to use the workforce efficiently,

To provide sufficient and reliable income to the producers,

To encourage producer organization and contract farming practices,

To promote eco-tourism, export and integration of producers with the world,

To leave a world where future generations can benefit from resources adequately.